Shehan Wijayasinghe

My career has spanned across; Professional Services, Strategy, Banking and Finance, however, the urge to create and develop my own business lead me down a new path.


During my early career the hardest part was finding the time to think about my future and act on these plans, may it be; budgeting my finances, buying a new home, planning a small business, or growing and managing my finances long-term. Our ever busier lives get in the way, and this was not acceptable. Does this sound familiar? My future and the future of my family was and will always be imperative.


This is why I started Elephant Financial, to connect pro-active financial services and customer centricity. For all high-achievers out there.


We start by focusing on Australia’s primary wealth building asset: property. And then execute on your short and long-term goals accordingly.


Over time we will grow and build out our services, with the goal of providing the highest quality financial advice, through our fun and creative brand.


I’m excited about our future. So, how about we talk about yours?